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Instrument Rentals

Gattuso’s Music and More makes renting an instrument a breeze! Compare our program to others in the area - we bet you’ll be glad you did! Prices start at $10 for your first 2 months (read more about rapid rentals).

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Saxophone Class

Your best choice

Gattuso’s Music and More is your best choice and here’s why!

  1. If your child is going to actually play a musical instrument, you will know within the first few months. At Gattuso's, starting rental rate is only $10 for your first 2 months! Check out our competitors and save a whole lot of upfront money with us - it's a NO BRAINER!

  2. If your child does show musical abilities, we guarantee the best price on the instrument of your choice. We will supply you with NAME BRAND PRODUCTS!

  3. We offer full repair and maintenance services plus, good and honest advice - NO BALONEY!

  4. Professional staff and private lessons are also available. Deal with the pros at Gattuso's Music and More! Serving Stark County and surrounding areas for over 86 years! *priced upon instrument tiers

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